Waxing in Hillcrest

Waxing, bikini wax, brow wax and men’s waxing in Hillcrest at Kemayu Spa.

Waxing in Hillcrest
Waxing in Hillcrest
Waxing in Hillcrest

Bikini and Body Waxing

We offer different types of bikini waxing, underarm, arms and legs for women.

Facial and Brow Waxing

We offer brow shaping, face waxing 

Men’s Waxing

Kemayu Spa offers waxing for Men. This includes face, arms, chest, back and legs. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE INTIMATE WAXING FOR MEN. Prices can differ depending on amount of work done.

Waxing Services

We use good quality, Salon Specific wax for the best waxing results.

Facial Waxing and Tinting

We use high quality wax and tint to remove hair and enhance your best features.

Brow/ Lip/ Chin Wax

We use strip wax to remove the fine hairs aswell as those stubborn grey hairs. We shape the brows to enhance your natural shape.

Full Face Wax

This includes forehead, brows, cheeks, sideburns, lip and chin.

Brow Wax and Tint

Pay less