Spa Specials at Hillcrest

Spa Specials

Spa Specials at Hillcrest

We offer monthly specials on different treatments ranging from massage and facials to nails. Kemayu Spa is where wellness and beauty meet. We offer all spa and salon treatments at Kemayu Spa. We aim at giving the best relaxing and healing experience for a price that is affordable because we believe everyone should be able to be treated. Our monthly specials allow all clients that opportunity. Above all, wellness is the key to health and happiness.


Weekly Specials:

Spa Specials at Hillcrest
Spa Specials at Hillcrest

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See our Specials at Kemayu Spa Hillcrest on massage, facials and nails.  In addition to the monthly specials, we also have our Monday Specials that run throughout that include manicures, pedicures and gel polish. Our Monday specials have been running for years and it keeps our clients very happy. Furthermore, If you would like to receive our monthly specials, WhatsApp your number to 0783314559.

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