Best Massage in Hillcrest


Best massage in hillcrest

Tension Release Massage

Best Massage in Hillcrest, We focus on healing your body by focusing on specific muscles and releasing tension. This helps increase circulation and reduce pain and stiffness in the muscles. Massage also increases levels of serotonin which helps with anxiety and depression.

  • Tension Release Back Massage 30min R350
  • Tension Release Back Massage 45min R400
  • Relaxing Full Body Massage 1hr R520
  • Couples Full Body Massage 1hr R1000
  • Add Cupping on the Back- R60
  • 90min Healing Massage- R750


Reflexology is an amazing way to initiate the healing process in the body. We use pressure points on the feet and we can pick up what areas in your body are under stress. We recommend 8-10 treatments weekly for specific area treatment. It is perfect for highly stressed individuals.

  • Reflexology 1hr R400 R380
Reflexology Hillcrest
Best massage in hillcrest

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage uses basalt stones because they hold their heat and have a smooth surface to glide on the skin. This massage is warming, stimulating as well as relaxing for the muscles.


  • Hot Stone Back Massage 45min R450
  • Hot Stone Full Body 1hr R580


Aromatherapy massage includes mixing specific essential oils to create a treatment blend. The oils have different effects on the body and absorb into the blood stream, therefore they have a lasing effect on the body. This is a light, drainage type of massage.

  • Aroma Back Massage 30min R330
  • Aroma Full Body Massage 1hr R550
Aromatherapy massage Hillcrest

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deep and muscular specific massage. It is best suited to very stiff or tight muscles from gym, marathons or other sports. Sports massage the day before exercise can help improve performance or help two days after with recovery.

  • 30min Sports Massage R390
  • 45min Sports Massage R500
Sports massage hillcrest
Indian head massage hillcrest

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage is a scalp, neck and shoulder massageĀ  designed to reduce tension and give relaxation. It can be given lying down or sitting up. It is a beneficial massage because it helps increase the blood flow, stimulating hair follicles and awakening the nerves.

  • Indian Head Massage 30min R340
Spa Massage Hillcrest

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to relieve back pain while pregnant. The client would lie in recovery position, surrounded by pillows for comfort. It is a light and relaxing massage to help relieve sore and tired muscles.

  • Preggy Back Massage 30min R340

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