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Spa at BMW Pinetown

At Kemayu Spa at BMW Pinetown, we offer professional beauty services to BMW customers and to the public. Our Spa offers convenience; while your car is serviced, you can book yourself in for a treatment. It is all about the Supertech customer experience, to reward the loyal customers and enhance your experience. At our Pinetown branch, Latasha (below) is the full time beauty therapist. We also have Mel, who is the part time therapist. Both therapists are qualified, passionate and have experience in nails and massage.

Spa at BMW pinetown
Spa at BMW pinetown
Spa at BMW pinetown

Our Services- Kemayu Spa at BMW Pinetown

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Nail Add Ons

Gel Nails


Our Services


We offer Swedish massage for back or full body

Hands & Nails

Hand and Nail treatments for Men and Women


Pedicure treatments for women and men


Express Back Massage 30min

For on the go, a 30min back, neck and scalp massage


Tension Release Back Massage 45min

For tension release in tight and tense muscles in the neck, back and scalp


Relaxing Full Body Massage

A 1 hour luxurious massage to leave you de-stressed and relaxed from head to toe


Hands and Feet


A lovely treatment for the nails and hands including an exfoliation and massage



A relaxing treatment that includes a soak, exfoliation, massage and polish paint


Gel Polish

This includes nail and cuticle work and gel polish paint that lasts 2 weeks. You can add nail art

Soak Off

Removal of Gel or Acrylic


Acrylic Gel Tips

This includes tip extensions to lengthen, acrylic dip to strengthen and gel polish for colour and nail art


Men’s Grooming

Hand Grooming

This includes exfoliation, nails cuticles and a hand massage


Foot Grooming

This includes a soak, exfoliation, nails, cuticles and a foot massage


Winter Specials

Pedicure with Free Hydrating Foot Mask


Gel Polish

Gel Tips

Nail Art

Nail Services

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Sat: 8am – 2pm

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