Slimming and Body Wraps Hillcrest

Detox and Slimming Treatments

Slimming and Body Wraps Hillcrest

Slimming and Body Wraps Hillcrest

Full Body Exfoliation

For our full body exfoliation, we use a frangipani creamy scrub on the skin. The benefits of exfoliating the skin are removal of dry skin, increased circulation as well as leaving the skin smoother and hydrated. The massage cream is then able to absorb deeper into skin, therefore brightening and firming the skin.


Slimming and Body Wraps Hillcrest

Anti-Cellulite Wrap

The Esse anti-cellulite wrap treatment includes and scrub to remove dry skin and the Esse anti-cellulite mask. Some ingredients include coffee seed extract, coconut oil and cocoa seed powder. Together, these ingredients increase lymphatic drainage, hydrate and nourish the skin, as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite. It is applied only to the target areas.


Slimming and Body Wraps Hillcrest
Slimming and Body Wraps Hillcrest

Detox Body Wrap

The Detox body wrap includes a full body scrub to remove dry skin and then application of the Esse detox body mask. The active ingredients include coconut oil, grapefruit peel oil and fennel oil. These ingredients all have stimulating and detoxifying properties to drain lymphatic fluid and toxins from the blood.


Slimming Package

(8 Sessions)

The slimming treatment includes body brushing on the area of concern to increase blood flow. Then the Faradic Body machine is used for passive exercise. The target muscles are strapped with the pads on and then the current causes the muscles to contract and relax. By toning the muscles, you will lose centimeters. Best results come from 3 treatments a week and clean eating. We also recommend exercising as well as the slimming treatments to boost results.

R800 for 8 Sessions

Slimming and Body Wraps Hillcrest

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