Skincare, do we really need it?

Skincare products and facials

Looking after our skin has become an integral part of everyday life. With all the stressors that come with a modern lifestyle, good skin products have become a must. But not everyone is convinced. Do you really need all the products of the range and can you believe in the promises made by cosmetic companies?

What are our skins exposed to?

Here is the truth; the human skin is an organ and it is pretty resilient. If you did not use any products on your skin, you would survive and your skin would adapt to producing its on oils for moisturisation. So why do we use products then? Comparing our skin to the San people in the desert, their skins do not come into contact with chemicals, pollution or makeup. As a modern society, our skins see pollution and free radicals every day. Free radicals are molecules caused by pollution, dust, sun, smoke and chemicals from certain products. In other words, these molecules actually cause damage to your skin’s DNA and leads to a speed up in aging.

Benefits of skincare

Firstly, the molecules that fight free radicals are called Anti-oxidants. They neutralize the free radicals and are found in vitamins and minerals. Then by applying anti-oxidants to your skin, you can slow down aging in your skin and reduce damage. We need skincare products for their functional properties in the skin. Depending on the ingredients, products can be anti-aging, cleansing, balancing, hydrating and nourishing. By using natural products, you are making sure that there are no added chemicals that can also do damage to skin. Natural, plant ingredients are absorbed deeper into the skin and give better results than the chemical counterparts.

The truth about cosmetic companies

But, not all cosmetic companies can be believed for their promises. They often use cheap or bulking ingredients to keep costs down and profits up. As a consumer, I recommend that you take the time to research ‘bad’ ingredients. So then you can know exactly what you are putting on your skin. This is why we as a spa use locally made and natural products. Because then you know what kind of product you are using.


In conclusion, yes we really do need proper, professional skincare that will protect, as well as, enhance our skin. Products that are made with natural, plant ingredients are the best for skin because there are no long-term disadvantages. Above all, we need skincare products and facials to improve and maintain our skin conditions.

Lastly, you can see our range of skincare and body products here. You can also learn more about and book facials at our spa here.


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