Skin Resurfacing vs Chemical Peel Hillcrest
Skin Resurfacing vs Chemical Peel Hillcrest

Skin Resurfacing vs Chemical Peel


Skin Resurfacing vs Chemical Peel Hillcrest. Skin resurfacing uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) to remove the dead skin cells. These acids like Glycolic and Malic acid have enzymes that ‘eat’ away the dead skin cells and penetrate deeper. These acids also have healing and many other properties to rebuild the skin. However, skin resurfacing uses a specialised Hydrogen Proton delivery system to safely deliver the acids down into the skin without causing damage.
Chemical peels usually remove live layers of skin and rely on the recovery of the cells to improve the look of the new skin cells. But it can go wrong.

What do they do?

The acids stimulate the fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin- these give you plumping, tightening and reduction in wrinkles. They also activate the skin to repair itself and well as improving the tight junctions between the cells. The tight junctions are there to protect and either allow substances in or out of the skin. If this barrier is impaired it leads to dehydration, aging and inflammation.
In a nutshell, it is used to heal the skin and treat conditions like Aging, Acne, Inflamed Skin and Pigmentation.

What does it feel like?

The enzymes in the acids and the Hydrogen protons cause a tingling/ burning feeling on the skin that lasts a few minutes. Your therapist will first do a sensitivity test to determine what percentage of acids she can use and will use a percentage that is suitable for your needs. And we have a fan to help cool you down.

Any Side Effects?

In the first treatment we use C.R 1 or 2 and this stops the inflammation process in the skin. This particular solution doesn’t have many after effects, just tightening, plumping and maybe some peeling. With the other solutions you can expect some peeling, darkening of pigmentation and sometimes more pustules and redness. But this is all part of the healing process and repairing of the skin so that it will resume normal and healthy function.

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