Learning about Reflexology

Introduction to Reflexology

At Kemayu Spa, we offer the amazing treatment of Reflexology in Hillcrest. Many people are unaware of the power of Reflexology because they either lack the understanding, are afraid of the ‘side effects’ or have clearly not had the treatment done before. As a Beauty therapist that offers Reflexology in Hillcrest, I have noticed that it has become popular due to our specials and the amazing benefits that is has on the body. Clients must please note that we do not claim that it cures any diseases or ailments. However, what us therapists and practitioners have found, is the relief of ailments and pain in the body.

So let me explain what Reflexology is and how it works. It is an alternative treatment with the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, that are connected to all the other parts of the body. It involves acupressure point massage and is used to treat illnesses and relieve stress and tension. When you experience a blockage in the energy zones, that organ or body system is rendered under stress and can reduce function. The blockage can be caused by stress or trauma to the body. Reflexology removes the blockage and encourages the body to heal itself. Your body is also detoxified which might leave you with a headache afterwards, but drinking water will help. This will help your body flush out the toxins.

Benefits of Reflexology

The benefits you can gain from this wonderful alternative treatment include relaxation and stress reduction, increased circulation and improved nerve function. It also alleviates pain and headaches and has an increase in healing and detoxification. Some studies show that reflexology can be used to help the body cope with chemotherapy. It is also a good way to check in on how your body is doing health wise. Although we cannot diagnose, we are able to pick up what areas of the body are under stress. We then give advice for the client to change their lifestyle for the better.


Reflexology has no proven side affects and therefore clients should not be skeptical about having the treatment done. Overall, Reflexology is a healing treatment for the mind and body. You can click here to see our prices and specials here or book now at Kemayu Spa where we offer Reflexology in Hillcrest



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