Simply Bee Facial Trial Pack Dry/ Normal Skin


Product size: 30ml Bottles

Simply Bee Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Anti-age Cream and Night cream in a beautiful Simply Bee cosmetic bag.

Clean your skin using the cleanser, follow with toner and moisturiser. Apply Simply Bee Serum / anti-age cream as required to pamper the skin.

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Natural Facial Trial Pack made with beeswax and propolis from Simply Bee

Natural Facial Trial Pack from Simply Bee comes in two types: Normal/ Dry skin contains a 30ml Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Anti-age Cream and Night cream in a beautiful Simply Bee cosmetic bag. The Normal/ Combination pack contains Cleanser, Toner, Daily Moisturiser, propolis Serum and a Night cream in a Simply Bee cosmetic bag.

Simply Bee’s products offer all natural handmade products, free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens. Making it safe and environmentally friendly. Natural ingredients nurture the skin with wholesome nutrients that are familiar to the body’s chemistry, thus working in harmony with the body. We believe that natural ingredients must come from a renewable and plentiful resources found in nature, yet with absolutely no petroleum compounds. Therefore, these ingredients are profoundly effective. They stimulate your senses, are better for the environment and beneficial to your overall well-being.

The natural active ingredients include beeswax, which helps stimulate healing an regenerating of skin cells. Also propolis, which is soothing, anti-inflammatory and increases cell growth. As well as rose geranium which tightens and brightens skin and lastly, avocado oil. This nourishing oil has a high content of vitamin E and moisturizes and stimulates collagen production.

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