Kiddies Spa

Pamper Parties Available

Kids Spa Package Hillcrest
Kids Spa Package Hillcrest


Kids Spa Package Hillcrest
Kids Spa Package Hillcrest
Kids Spa Package Hillcrest

Kids Spa Package Hillcrest

Rules & Offers

  • Ages: 5-15 years
  • Boys and Girls Allowed
  • Perfect for parties
  • Outside table and umbrella available for snacks and drinks
  • Kiddies receive matching gowns and headbands
  • Children must be quiet if other clients are in the salon
  • Mandalas available for colouring in while waiting
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Children Can Benefit From Massage

Massage is underrated and seen as a luxury. However, massage is part of every day life. We often massage at home for pain or to show love. A professional massage where we know what areas and muscles to target is even more beneficial in the following ways:

– Increases Dopamine Levels (Feel Good Hormone)
– Lowers Cortisol Leaves (Stress Hormone)
– Decreases Muscle Tension and Headaches
– Improves Sport Performance
– Quicker recovery for muscles
– Improves Quality of Sleep
– Improves Immune Function

Therefore massage is an integral part of improving your lifestyle whether adult or child. It enhances abilities at sports as well as ability to concentrate at school.

You can phone and find out more about what to expect for your child’s Spa Treatments. We would love to have your kids at Kemayu Spa.

Contact us on 0317655731 or whatsapp 0783314559.

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