The truth about soap

Is soap bad for your skin? In a nutshell, yes. The world is so technologically advanced, yet there seem to be some areas where we are still in the stone ages. It’s about time that everybody catches up to the harmful effects that soap has on your face.

Your skin is naturally acidic which allows the protective barrier to shield your skin from the damaging effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals, oxidants and pollutants. The barrier also prevents moisture loss. So what happens when you use soap on your skin, it is alkaline, it disrupts your skin barrier function and it therefore cannot act correctly to protect the skin. Your skin can become severely dry, tight and inflamed. Because sodium laureth sulfate is the foaming agent in soap, it strips the natural oils from the skin cells. This can cause your skin to react and to product more oil. Your skin can be shiny with oil but dry of water. This ingredient is also found in cheap face washes. So if your skin feels tight and dry after you wash it, look at the ingredient list.


So what face wash or cleanser should you be using?

You should now be looking for a cleanser from either a professional brand or natural and organic brand. We would recommend either from Esse or Simply Bee. If your skin is younger and combination you can use the Gel cleanser from Esse. It has aloe vera and peppermint as well as natural foaming agents. For a more mature and dry skin, the Cleansing Cream from Simply Bee would give the best results. This sulphate free cleanser has rose water and castor oil to wash without drying the skin.

The best option would to be to book a facial and have your professional beauty therapist analyse your face and recommend the best products for you. Soap is old school, it’s time to move forward in skincare.

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