Gift Vouchers and Products

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Gift Vouchers

Purchase gift vouchers for treatments or a value here.

Gift Vouchers and Products

Ph Formula Skin Resurfacing

Ph Formula uses AHA’s and Science to heal your skin condition for the inside out

Gift Vouchers and Products

Esse Skincare Products

Esse Skincare products are natural, organic and locally made with amazing results to a healthy skin.

Gift Vouchers and Products

Human Kind Body Products

Buy the HumanKind product range here.

Gift Vouchers and Products- What We Sell

Gift Vouchers and Products are available‚Äč in our shop at Kemayu Spa, Hillcrest. We stock Esse Skincare and Human Kind products and Gift Vouchers and offer delivery to make your life easier.

The gift vouchers that are available can be tailor-made to suit your needs, whether it be a specific treatment or a value. A value voucher allows the use to choose any treatment. Unfortunately, vouchers are not valid for products.

Our Esse skincare products are natural, organic and proudly South African. There is the core range which is the best to start with and get to know the product. It includes moisturisers, cleansers and treatments. The Esse Plus range has serums and moisturisers that have live microbes in them that balance the skin and give super anti-aging effects. The Esse sensitive range has a lovely vanilla scent with less active ingredients. It works to de-sensitise the skin so that the client can move onto the core or plus products.

We also sell Simply Bee natural beeswax products that are made locally and contain healing ingredients. The range include skincare and body products. The Biosculpture Ethos range provides base coats and cuticle oil to strengthen, nourish and improve the natural nail condition.


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