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Ph Formula Skin Resurfacing

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Acne Skin

Acne is usually present in oily and hormonal skins. You will see Pustules, Comedones, inflammation and could end in cysts. We can treat Stage 1-4 Acne skins

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Redness/ Rosacea/ Sensitive Skins

This includes sensitive and reactive skin. You may also suffer with Rosacea, Eczema or Psoriasis. All of these conditions are caused by inflammation. The Ph Formula Skin resurfacing treatments stop inflammation in the skin.

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Hyper- Pigmentation can be caused by sun damage, inflammation, hormones and harsh products. This leads to uneven skin tone or dark marks.

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Ageing is a natural process because around 25 years old your skin stops producing collagen. But external factors can become a catalyst for aging, like smoking, sun exposure, dry skin, genetics and poor skincare.

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Aesthetic Skin Clinic Hillcrest. Kemayu Spa provides Ph Formula Skin Resurfacing Treatments that treats Redness/ Sensitivity, Acne, Pigmentation and Ageing. Choose between the different Skin Resurfacing treatments or ask your Qualified Beauty Therapist for advice on which to choose.

What is Skin Resurfacing?

Aesthetic Skin Clinic Hillcrest. Skin resurfacing uses Acids like Salicylic or Glycolic Acid to SAFELY treat the skin by healing from the inside out. It restores Skin Function and Rebuilds the skin’s natural barrier. The PH Formula products are safe to use and have no harmful side affects, as well as minimal downtime. We have seen amazing results for ALL Skin types and colours as seen in the images below. Ph Formula is used worldwide and we are so excited to have this results-driven product to help you heal your skin. Kemayu Spa provides Ph Formula Skin Resurfacing Treatments that treats Redness/ Sensitivity, Acne, Pigmentation and Ageing.

Skin Enhancing Treatment


This treatment includes a consultation, cleanse, sensitivity test, skin resurfacing and post recovery moisturiser and SPF. This is the intro into the Ph Formula resurfacing treatments.

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Mini Resurfacing Treatment


This quick, lunch-time treatment includes a cleanse, sensitivity test and skin resurfacing The Alpha Hydroxy Acids used are healing, anti-aging, and treat Sensitivity, Aging, Pigmentation and Acne.

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Intense Restoration Treatment


This treatment is an all inclusive facial. It includes a cleanse, sensitivity test, skin resurfacing, another treatment by your Therapist. As well as Nanoneedling with Vit A, Vit B3 or Vit C.

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Teen Acne Treatment

This treatment if perfect for young adults or children that need extractions and increased healing. It is a basic treatment with the A.C resurfacing solution to help heal, reduce redness and balance the oil. The client cannot be on Roaccutane for any resurfacing treatments.

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Skin Analysis

As Skin Specialists, we use our knowledge and skills to analyze your skin. We look at your conditions, talk about your concerns and advise you on the correct treatment plan and homecare advice.

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Vita C Glow Up

This treatment includes a Vitamin C booster solution. Vitamin C increases collagen, brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation. This is perfect before a wedding or event.

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Microneedling 90min

Microneedling uses micro sized needles that vibrates up and down and penetrate the skin. This causes the serum used to absorb deeper into the skin as well as producing collagen and elastin. This plumps up the wrinkles and fine lines. It also improves the look of scarring and pigmentation.

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Plan a Visit

When you book an appointment and visit us at Kemayu Spa, your Qualified Beauty Therapist will go through a consultation with you in order to decide which treatment would be best for your skin. We will go through your medical history and skin details in order to have all the correct information on making our decision. In order to achieve the best outcome, we recommend to have a Skin Resurfacing treatment every 2 weeks to begin and then to once a month. We will recommend certain products for your homecare, this will carry on the treatment at home and will give you even better results. See our Spa pricelist here.

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